The Ultimate Y.A. Prepper / Survivalist Novel

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Has your teen ever scoffed at your prepping? On May 13, 2017, you can hand them this Y.A. novel (eBook or paperback) and sit back and watch as they devour a gripping story about survival at TEOTWAWKI. Realistic and detailed with emotion-packed sequences and page-turning action, the Vagabond Codes will pull your kid (and you!) by the first page. Written by a former private… Read more »

Five Steps to Start a Home Business

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Home-Based Business = Self-Sufficient Income Prepping is about self-sufficiency. That being so, many argue that one of the most important steps towards personal freedom — that is, the ability to survive and thrive without relying upon others — is owning a business. (As you’re reading this, some of you are thinking that you don’t have any talent or skills that are economically viable,… Read more »

The 5-Step Approach to Handle Any Crisis

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A crisis is separates people into two distinct groups: those that rise to the occasion and those that freak out. Oftentimes, people freak out when a crisis hits because they immediately revert to their instincts, which causes them to make bad decisions. Therefore, it is important to have a set of rules to abide by WTSHTF. Remember this: the key… Read more »

Attack of the Drones: Defending the Air Above Your Property

Introduction One night you suddenly see a drone hovering next to a window of your home. Outraged, you shoot it down. Somebody calls the police because they heard a firearm discharged, and ten minutes later you hear a knock on your door. Or, say a military plane swoops across your backyard, barely skimming the tops of your pine trees, and you… Read more »

How a Trump Presidency Will Impact Preppers

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Throughout the U.S., preppers collectively sighed in relief at the defeat of Hillary Clinton, one of the most unqualified, dishonest, and downright dangerous presidential candidates in the history of American politics. So what does Donald Trump’s election mean for preppers? A few important things: 1. Trump Is a Fierce Defender of the Second Amendment Throughout his campaign, Trump — who was… Read more »

5 Things to Know When Crossing State Lines with a Firearm

You’ve decided to move to the American Redoubt. So you and the family load up your belongings in a Uhaul and begin the cross-country journey to a new life of freedom and peace of mind. But before your cross your state line, you need to understand that various states have restrictions on transporting firearms in vehicles. 1.Under federal law, it’s legal… Read more »

The Law: 5 Things to Know About Defending Your Home & Family

Introduction: Understanding “Reasonable” Force As an American, you have the right to use reasonable force to protect your home, family, and personal property from an intruder if you reasonably believe that the use of such force is necessary to stop the intrusion and protect what’s yours. “Reasonable” is a legal term, which means “just, rational, appropriate, ordinary, or usual in the circumstances.” Courts use the “reasonable… Read more »

Know the Open Carry Laws

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In the U.S., open carry is defined as “openly carrying a firearm in public”. Open carry is different from concealed carry, which when a casual observer can’t see the carrier’s firearms. Open carry has been pushed to forefront in recent years due to a number of major corporations — such as Target, Starbucks and Chipotle — have issued positions on whether they would permit customers to carry… Read more »

“Proactive Law”: Preparing Your Emergency Documents for WTSHTF

If there comes a time when it’s time to get out of Dodge, you’re probably feeling good about how you prepared for WTSHTF. However, one common overlooked item is your vital documents. That being so, Durfee Law Group has an excellent blog post about how to prepare emergency documents.The post describes such preparing of important documents as “proactive law.” According to the post: “[P]roactive… Read more »