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5 Things to Know When Crossing State Lines with a Firearm

You’ve decided to move to the American Redoubt. So you and the family load up your belongings in a Uhaul and begin the cross-country journey to a new life of freedom and peace of mind. But before your cross your state line, you need to understand that various states have restrictions on transporting firearms in vehicles. 1.Under federal law, it’s legal… Read more »

Welcome to the Prepper Law Blog

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First off, my real name is not Rock Daniels. I didn’t create this website for recognition; I just want to do my small part to help preserve American values. Because, at bottom, that’s what prepping/survivalism is all about. Our Nation was founded by strong, resourceful people with an independent streak and unparelled inner perserverance. A small number of patriots maintain that spirit today…. Read more »