“Proactive Law”: Preparing Your Emergency Documents for WTSHTF

If there comes a time when it’s time to get out of Dodge, you’re probably feeling good about how you prepared for WTSHTF. However, one common overlooked item is your vital documents. That being so, Durfee Law Group has an excellent blog post about how to prepare emergency documents.The post describes such preparing of important documents as “proactive law.” According to the post:

“[P]roactive law” is about having certain legal and medical emergency documents in place before you need them, so that when you need them, you are ready. The opportunity for preparation is lost once the crisis has begun. In addition to having an appropriate inventory of food, water, medicine, equipment, self-defense, and other such supplies to help with physical survival, there are certain documents that will be essential in crisis situations.

Suggested emergency documents should relate to:

  • Travel papers
  • Family-related documents
  • Business & financial records
  • Medical emergencies

Be sure to check out the specific recommendations here.

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