The Ultimate Y.A. Prepper / Survivalist Novel

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Has your teen ever scoffed at your prepping? On May 13, 2017, you can hand them this Y.A. novel (eBook or paperback) and sit back and watch as they devour a gripping story about survival at TEOTWAWKI. Realistic and detailed with emotion-packed sequences and page-turning action, the Vagabond Codes will pull your kid (and you!) by the first page.

Written by a former private school English teacher who also happened to have a law degree, the plot, pacing, characters, and themes have all been given enthusiastic thumbs-ups by over 75 students ages 11-15.


“The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.” – Stephen Hawking, world renowned scientist.

In tomorrow’s world, fourteen-year-old Galen Kent and his group of fellow orphans have remained in relative isolation since the Surge, a catastrophic event of unknown proportions that happened over a year ago.

Wandering the lands outside his family’s wilderness retreat are the vagabonds, artificially intelligent androids that cling to a lethal, disillusioned desire to be the only survivors of the human race. Galen isn’t fully aware of the threat the vagabonds pose to his group, or even to the rest of humanity; nor is he fully aware of another tragic evil that exists in the desolated American cities.

As each passing day brings forth new and greater dangers, Galen fears that any hope for long-term survival in this world of shadow and fire is fading fast. But then, on one fateful evening, he encounters the mysterious Stranger, who has an extraordinary secret . . . .


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