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First off, my real name is not Rock Daniels. I didn’t create this website for recognition; I just want to do my small part to help preserve American values. Because, at bottom, that’s what prepping/survivalism is all about. Our Nation was founded by strong, resourceful people with an independent streak and unparelled inner perserverance. A small number of patriots maintain that spirit today. To be sure, we prepare for WSHTF because we want to protect our family; but also because when the dust settles, it us who will lift our flag high again.

Another possible reason, and this is probably better understood by Christians, is that families embracing prepping/survivalism are inspired by the Holy Sprit and a spirit of Wisdom as a rejection of America’s decadent culture of materialism, vanity, and a lost sense of purpose. Preppers see the good of returning to the earth, living with simplicity, walking humbly, slaves to no one but servants of One. To raise one’s son not as another cog in the machine, driven by a government driven by ideology that destroys the soul, but rather as a man of strength, of resourcefulness — a true American.

But on a personal level, I really started this blog because of my mother. A wise and prudent woman, my mother has been full-on prepping for the last several years, mastering the possibilities of nature and the ability to survive anywhere, if needed. In recent months, my mother has begun initial plans to sell her land in the Midwest and move to the American Redoubt to build a semi-off-grid homestead. That being so, I wanted to use my legal background to prepare ahead for any and all legal implications for such a move.

At first, I was researching a lot of property law issues, but it expanded to the point where I wanted to form a legal understanding of all issues relating to prepping/survivalism. There’s so much! So, I decided that I want to share what I know with others, because understanding the law is another form of prepping. Indeed, many people find themselves in legal entanglements because they didn’t adequately prepare and understand the isses from the onset. Sound familiar?

So, here we are. I invite you to take full advantage of this resource. I hope you will benefit from it. If you have any questions or suggestions, you are welcome to contact me. Just please be sure to visit my Advice Disclaimer & Terms of Use page.

As a quick background, I am graduating with my law degree in December 2016. Prior and concurrent with law school, I spent six years working at two constitutional law firms that defend America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and moral values. There, I gained firsthand knowledge of the threats we face to our God-given liberties enshrined in our Constitution. The threat is real. Secular progressives and their allies within the federal government are destroying the very fabric of Nation. They hate Christianity. They hate America. And sadly, at present they are more committed to defeating the enemy — us — then we are committed to defeating them.

But if true Americans rise up, acknowledge our Nation as being blessed by Providence, we shall prevail. But that starts in the home, it starts in the community; and we can do that by reembracing the simple American way of life — of independence and self-reliance, and a burning fire to protect our freedoms. And so through this blog, I will do my best to discuss issues affecting our struggle to restore America’s Judeo-Christian values as well as hot topics in the legal world relating to prepping and survivalism. Thank you for visiting!

May God bless you, and may God bless America.

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